We at PayNearby intend to empower retailers with the capability to provide basic banking, digital and financial services at their retail stores using the “PayNearby App”. India has millions of retail stores and we are continuously looking out for Distributors who can join us in empowering all these retailers with the PayNearby App.

If you are in the distribution business of FMCG Goods, Pharma Products, Telecom Services or any other products and services or if you are a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) with ground force to reach out to the retailers, here is an opportunity for you, as a distributor to generate more revenue on every retailer you on-board, earn extra recurring income from the transactions made by the retailers and also take part in the journey of digitizing Indian retailers.

New Retailers

New Retailer Creation

Manage Retailers

Block/Unblock Retailers

Topup Service

Send Topup to Retailers

Onboard Retailers

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You an also hire a Employee

Lead Management

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Bill Payment

Mobile Recharge

Customer Support

Helpline : 044-38038038

Super Distributor : 7800020060

RM : 8182871887

Required Documents

Aadhaar Card

PAN Card

A Shop  Address Proof

Everything You Need

Wallet Balance

This will show you a balance, earned from your Retailers.


Perform eKYC of your Retailers from here to onboard them for AEPS Services.

Retailer List

This page will show you the total retailers, added by you.


Frequently asked questions

What is PayNearby ?

Using the PayNearby app, close to 350,000 retailers across 23 states in India are earning extra income by providing digital banking and financial services to customers at their Nearby Retail stores. PayNearby App helps the retailers to earn more income and attract more customers.

What is The Diffrence Between Retailer & Distributor ?

In simple terms, retail means that you, the product manufacturer or producer, sell your product directly to the consumer. Selling wholesale means you typically sell your product in bulk quantities to a “middle man” who in turn sells it to the consumer (i.e. other retailers).

My RM Refused to do My eKYC, What to do ?

Don’t Worry. Just call our Helpline 044-38038038 and ask them to change Your Super Distributor as per details given below.

After Successfully Changing the Super Distributor, We will Call you for your eKYC.

New Distributor Mobile: 8787281616

New Super Distributor Name: Rishabh Singh.

How to use Distributor Panel ? I don’t Know.

Don’t Worry. Just Call Our Helpline 044-38038038 and ask every question which you have.

Our Customer care Team Will help you .

You can also write a email to our customer care support on : customercare@paynearby.in